5 Benefits Of Property Management

5 Benefits Of Property Management Mymvppropertymanagment Blog Post

The Benefits Of Property Management In actuality there are more than 5 benefits of property management. In fact, a homeowners association manager must be able to wear many hats to be successful. The HOA manager often acts as the backbone of your HOA and provides vital support to the board.  However, for all the benefits … Read more

Tenant Screenings Important Measures

Tenant Screenings Mymvppropertymanagment Blogpost

Why Are Tenant Screenings Important?  Tenant screenings are a process used primarily by landlords and property managers to evaluate prospective tenants. The purpose is to assess the likelihood the tenant will fulfill the terms of the lease agreement. In order to create a truly efficient tenant screening process. You need to have a way to … Read more

What Does A Property Manager Do?

Property Manager Mymvppropertymanagement Blogpost

What Doesn’t A Property Manager Do? What does a property manager do? In short, a lot! He or she manages their client’s obligations as a landlord under tenancy law. And also ensures there is a duty of care to tenants as well. A property manager’s typical job responsibilities include: Advertise and fill vacancies, negotiate and … Read more

Property Management Pool Maintenance

Property Management Pool Maintenance Mymvppropertymanagement

Property Management Pool Maintenance & Liability  Owning a pool requires a lot of upkeep. So, if a pool is part of your rental property, it’s important to know about pool hygiene, maintenance and safety. In fact, property management pool maintenance is a must! A poorly maintained pool creates liabilities for the landlord and can make the … Read more

Property Management Water Saving Tips

Propertymanagementwatersavingtips Mymvppropertymanagment

3 Property Management Water Saving Tips Florida droughts and water shortages in the recent past have shown us we all have a responsibility to use water wisely. In fact, water restrictions and increasingly expensive water bills should motivate property managers to learn about property management water saving tips.   However, before starting your water conservation project. … Read more

South Florida Hurricane Preparedness

Southfloridahurricanepreparedness Mymvppropertymanagement

Its Hurricane Season – Are You Prepared?  Each year hurricane season begins on June 1st through November 1st, with storms typically peaking in August and September. As with every South Florida hurricane preparedness season, regardless of forecast, being prepared can be lifesaving.  Broward County typically experiences quite a few tropical storms and hurricanes throughout the … Read more